The management of First Investment Bank AD, the largest Bulgarian bank with local capital, had plans for the renovation and improvement of their mobile banking app and entrusted Whiz with the project, taking into account our diverse experience in mobile app development. We had to produce an expert evaluation of the existing application and to present fresh and innovative ideas for better user experience. Our approach had to be focused entirely on users. The mobile app needed a more modern design and new features. One of the main challenges ahead of our team was the simplification of the process for making bank transfers.
Mobile Application



We have a leading role in the creation and expansion of the most innovative and trusted mobile app for online banking and contactless payments in Bulgaria.





Solid preparation is essential for every project and especially for one of this scale. We began the work on Fibank app’s renovation with research and analysis. Our aim was to find out exactly what users want and how to give it to them in the best possible way. We studied and analyzed numerous mobile apps for financial and banking services. Our focus was on the global and local leaders. At the end of the process, we had a bunch of creative ideas and a list of errors to avoid.

For consumer behavior analysis, we used special personas which had the specific demographics of the bank’s target market segments. This gave us a clear idea about who the smartphone application would target and how. The analysis showed us what we had to do to create an intuitive app design. We had awesome ideas for making the mobile app easier, more effective and more pleasant to use.

Detailed Planning
The good organization was a key factor for the project’s success. We formed work groups with specialists from the teams of Whiz and First Investment Bank AD. They were led by our project managers who have a wealth of experience behind their back. We defined the project goals related to building the bank’s digital image and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It was our responsibility to make mobile banking intuitive, quick and convenient for hundreds of thousands of people. After creating the project plan and schedule and allocating the responsibilities and tasks, we got down to work.

A Reliable Foundation
The application had to work on the two leading mobile platforms in the world and in Bulgaria - iOS and Android. Our task was to build a native app for each platform, following the respective requirements strictly to guarantee fast and smooth performance and full use of the smartphone functionality. The market data analysis and the strategic goals of the bank determined the leading position of the development for iOS.

Our team built an excellent conceptual design for the application, despite the limited time available. All features and functions were discussed in detail at the meetings of the work groups. The smooth communication made the process highly productive. We were on the right track and this gave us extra motivation.

Elegant Design and Perfectly Working Features
We put a lot of talent, skill and hard work into the development of the Fibank app for mobile banking, adhering to the highest standards set by iOS and Android. By designing every element to match the smartphone screen sizes, we gave the application greater visual appeal and users received an even more pleasant time-saving experience. The features which we built work impeccably at all times.

The app’s login screen which we designed is simple and clutter-free. Users can access the virtual bank branch e-Fibank and My Fibank passive banking service, which offers account overview, lists of transactions and statements. They just have to enter their username and password and tap on the respective button. The single system login makes the mobile app even more convenient to use for a larger number of people and even easier to manage for the bank.

The menu is well-organized. It has clearly defined sections and each feature is easy to find, thanks to the stylized icon which are excellent visual cues. To navigate through the menu, users simply have to swipe up and down the screen - it’s as easy as a kid’s game. We gave them quick access to the entire information and all services offered on the app:
  • User profile and date - At the top of the menu, users can see their name and the system date to have complete peace of mind and to find their way around the information on the app easily. Accuracy is a fundamental trait of all banking services.
  • “Make payment” button - Speed is extremely important for mobile banking. To help Fibank’s customers save even more time, we placed a bright red button for making bank transfers right above the sections in the menu. The user can initiate a transaction just by tapping on the screen.
  • Dashboard - This section gives customers quick access to all of their banking information. For maximum convenience, we divided the types of financial products used by customers into different subsections - “Accounts”, “Deposits” and “Cards”. All the information required for personal finance management is accessible with the touch of a button. The main dashboard screen allows users to track their total withdrawal and deposit amounts across all accounts over time. The graphical data representation, including curves and pie charts, makes the information super easy to understand. For the main screen of each dashboard subsection, we created a special filter button. With it, users can choose which bank accounts, deposits and cards to see. The filtering options include currency, time period and transaction types.
  • Accounts - Users can check their current account balances, statements and turnovers. The daily withdrawals, deposits and turnover are presented with horizontal bar charts which clearly show the type, direction and size of the transactions and the totals. For the monthly and yearly turnovers, we created pie charts. What better way to gain good understanding of the exhaustive bank account information? The checking account statements contain details on all deposits and payments, including precise amounts and dates. If you tap on a transaction, you will see the full information about it.
  • Deposits - The deposit income, expenses and balances are presented in the same convenient way as the checking account details. Here we added a special section with important information - the maturity date and the accumulated interest. Users can see all the details which are extremely well-organized in a logical manner. The statements are equally thorough.
  • Cards - It is incredibly easy to manage debit cards and especially credit cards via the mobile app. For each of their credit cards, users can track the available credit, the outstanding balance and the minimum payment. Being able to check the detailed statements and the card authorizations makes the management of these credit products even more effective. We presented each type of card with its logo to enable even faster checks without any risk of confusion. Customers can repay all or part of their outstanding balance via the mobile banking app.
  • Ordered documents - This section has details on the transactions made via the mobile app. Users can choose to view only the transactions made during a specific time period to save time and effort.
New bank transfer is one of the features that received complete makeover. One of our main tasks was to simplify the making of transfers and to reduce the time necessary for doing this. We did an awesome job. Our team optimized the transfer of money from one account to another and shortened the payment process to include just five easy steps by implementing a step-by-step approach - Wizard. The user selects an account for transferring the money from and then enters the beneficiary’s account. It is possible to choose from a list of beneficiary accounts, which have been saved in the app, by tapping on the “Beneficiaries” tab. It is easy to add the accounts and names of private persons, companies and institutions to this list.

The next step involves entering the amount which is to be transferred and specifying the currency. After the entry of the basis for transfer, a list of all the transaction details appears on the screen for review. Each can be easily edited. After confirming the accuracy of the information, the user simply has to tap the “Sign” button and enter her password. The other option is to save the bank transfer and complete it later on. While the user performs the steps for making the payment, the progress indicator shows how much of the process has been completed.

This simplified method for making bank transfers unsurprisingly won the mobile app many more fans. The process is speedy and actually pleasant. You can forget about confusion, frustration and long waiting. We received numerous accolades for our innovative solution for making payments.

Users get yet another convenient features for making bank transfers - templates. It is possible to create a template for each transaction which is made regularly and involves a fixed amount, like paying the monthly home internet fee, for example. The use of a template eliminates the entry of information for making the bank transfer - you simply need to authorize it. Just compare the time necessary for making this payment to the time you’d spend going to the bank and waiting in a line!

Other major features of the mobile banking app include:
  • Authorize transactions - This is the section where users can see all saved uncompleted bank transfers. To complete them, they just need to tap on the button and provide the required authorization. Personal finance management has just become more convenient.
  • Messages - This is the place to check system messages and reach directly the bank’s department responsible for the mobile app’s operation. Users can receive quick and reliable professional assistance at any time.
  • Branches - Finding the nearest Fibank branch takes just seconds, when the mobile app uses the location functionality of the smartphone. A list with the nearest branches and their addresses shows up on the screen. There is a tab indicating if a branch is currently open or not. The “More” section holds detailed branch information - work hours and phone number. Users can see each branch’s location on the map, which we included in the mobile app, and receive directions for reaching it from the place where they are by tapping on the green arrow button. It is also possible to check a list of all the bank’s branches in Bulgaria and see them on the map. Finding a branch has never been easier.
  • ATMs - Regardless of their location, users can determine where the nearest ATM is instantly and get directions to reach it. The process is the same as with finding a branch. We also added a map and a list of all ATMs of the bank in Bulgaria.
  • Exchange rates - Users can see the bank’s Bulgarian lev exchange rates against various other currencies. The information is invaluable for making bank transfers in foreign currencies. That is why we made it accessible instantly with the touch of a button.
  • Promotions - This section is the main component of the marketing channel which we opened via the app. It contains all of the latest offers of Fibank. For the most attractive ones, we reserved a place on the app’s home screen to make marketing even more effective. The offers are set up easily by the bank’s staff.
  • Help - We prepared a short tutorial for working with the mobile banking app. It’s accessible via the menu. You can also open it by shaking your smartphone. The tutorial contains short instructions for navigation and using the different buttons. The images make everything crystal clear.
  • Settings - Users can select their preferred language and personalize the security settings, which include the policy for bank transfer confirmation (authorization) and the session timeout. Making the changes involves just a few taps on the screen.
  • Banking mode - Our team integrated active and passive banking into a single system successfully. Users can choose whether to use e-Fibank or My Fibank directly via the app. If they select active banking, they can take advantage of all features. With passive banking, all features, apart from those for making transactions, are available. With both modes, users enjoy the same look, feel and reliable performance. Customers receive perfect servicing on their smartphone.
  • Device authorization - This section contains the full list of mobile devices, which the user has installed the app on and has registered at one of the bank’s branches, plus their status. To view the list filtering options, it’s necessary to tap on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Customers can request the authorization of each of their unauthorized or blocked devices via the app.
By giving customers the option to switch between the different user accounts which they have, we made the Fibank mobile app quite flexible. For example, a business owner can manage his personal and company accounts on one and the same smartphone. All features are quick and easy to use, while the risk of errors when making a bank transfer is reduced to the possible minimum. This is super convenient for busy modern professionals.

New users of the app for mobile banking can take advantage of the interactive Demo, which we created especially for them. They are introduced to the screens and the main features of the app in just a few minutes’ time. This is a great first step to banking via mobile.

High Results and Long-Term Development
The renovated and improved mobile app of First Investment Bank AD is now on Google Play and App Store. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads and enjoys a high rating and numerous positive reviews. Users love having quick access to information and the opportunity to make mobile bank transfers with a few taps on the touchscreen.

Our cooperation with the bank continues to this day. We are always available to provide technical support and a solution, if a problem has arisen. Our team also works actively on upgrading the mobile app - we added an option for making contactless payments via NFC to the Android version. We are proud of the fact that Whiz is among the innovators in mobile app development in Bulgaria.

Everyone can download the Fibank app to their smartphone from Google Play or App Store. It’s time for easier, quicker and more secure mobile banking anytime, anywhere.


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