The world-famous Italian manufacturer of business and travel bags and accessories PIQUADRO planned entering the Bulgarian market as part of their global expansion. The company wanted to hire an experienced team for the development of a complete digital strategy and a custom e-commerce store in order to position the brand in the market in the best possible way and attract a large number of customers right from the start. They turned to Whiz because of our expertise and achievement in both fields. Ahead of us, we had a large project for positioning the brand in the local market for luxury goods.

Our main aim was to build a multiplatform e-commerce website with an elegant design, which presents the brand’s bags and accessories in a captivating way, and a full set of modern online shopping features like product comparison and wish list. One of our main tasks was the integration of various payment methods - a Fibank virtual POS terminal for debit and credit card payments, EasyPay for cash payments, bank transfers and payment upon delivery. We had to create a single system for the online store’s management. PIQUADRO needed a solid digital strategy with clear goals and a plan and budget for reaching them in order to create brand awareness among Bulgarian consumers online.
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We built a classy attention-grabbing e-commerce website for Piquadro helping the brand to enter the Bulgarian market successfully.

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The first phase of the project involved market research and identifying the business model. These steps are fundamental for the development of a digital strategy. We studied the business process and products of PIQUADRO in detail. By analyzing the local and global competition of the company, we clearly defined its competitive advantage for positioning it in the national market.

Segmenting the brand’s target market based on specific characteristics was a major aspect of the preparatory phase. Our consumer behavior analysis played an important role in creating the concept for the user experience on the e-commerce website. By using the analyzed data, we generated numerous ideas, discussed them with the client and picked the best ones.

We clearly defined the project goals related to the development of the e-commerce website and the digital strategy for giving PIQUADRO a head start in the local market. The next step involved creating a plan and schedule and allocating the responsibilities and tasks. Then we moved onto the creative phase.

E-Commerce Website Concept
For building the perfect online store, we needed a solid concept. Our first task was to create the website’s information architecture. We defined the site’s sections based on the brand’s product range - “Bags”, “Business Bags”, “Computer Bags” and “Accessories” - and applied the same principle to the subsections too. Having a precise idea of which content goes where early on is invaluable. The clear logical structure of the product categories was essential for the intuitive navigation on the e-commerce website.

The next step involved the preparation of mind maps for defining the structure of the online store and of all the sections and features it would have. With sketches of the web pages, our designers illustrated their layout and the size and shape of each element on them - from the product presentation to the navigation buttons. Our idea was to channel the users’ attention towards the sophisticated style and unique make of the PIQUADRO bags and accessories. For this, we included a large banner section which displays fabulous promotional images. Our team created interactive prototypes which show the user path and the interaction with the e-commerce site’s elements and features.

Throughout the conceptual design stage, we had productive cooperation with the company’s team. Together, we discussed all elements and features of the online store to the smallest detail to ensure that our team was on the right track. It was time to let our imagination loose and put great creativity into the e-commerce website’s design and development.

Classy Design
Drawing their inspiration from the novelties in web design, our designers began their work. The goal was to make the quality and luxury which PIQUADRO has to offer stand out. For the top section, we chose the most impressive photos from the brand’s ad campaigns. For emphasizing the categories on the homepage and in the menu, we used grabbing images in line with the latest card-based web design trends. Visitors cannot resist the temptation to click on the image. This is how an exciting journey begins.

To draw shoppers’ attention entirely to the bags and accessories offered at the online store, we designed clutter-free pages. Each element is significant and hard to remain unnoticed. We chose a stylish color scheme. The white background is like a canvas on which the company’s creations stand out, while the stylized icons of the buttons are in the same blue color as the brand’s logo. We gave the website’s users three options for viewing the product category and subcategory pages - a grid with three items per row, a grid with four items per row and a list with more details. Browsing through the bags and accessories is a true pleasure and this increases the chance of a sale.

Impeccably Working Online Store with World-Class Service
Our programmers used the most reliable technologies for developing the e-commerce website of PIQUADRO - PHP as the programming language, MySQL for the database and Linux environment. We ensured that the site would work smoothly at all times. Our aim was to make users feel as if they are at one of the brand’s boutiques by giving them a large number of features, making online shopping quick, enjoyable and convenient. This is a major aspect of the brand’s digital strategy - when visitors have a great time at the online store, the chance of conversion increases multiple times.

Visitors can choose how to shop at the PIQUADRO online store in Bulgaria - as guest or via an account, which they can create on the site. Signing up for an account has multiple advantages when it comes to product selection and delivery. This gives shoppers access to the product comparison tool when they browse the website. They can also save different shipping addresses and enter the desired one with one click during checkout. It is also possible to view all purchases made on the website. All details including the order’s current status appear on the screen. When customers are well-informed, they have complete peace of mind and would come back again.

We created not simply a web product catalogue, but a life-like environment where shoppers can get a feel of the products and enter the brand’s universe. We achieved this with a set of incredibly useful e-commerce store features:
  • Product filtering and sorting - To make choosing a product easier and quicker, we set up three different filters - price, collection and color. Shoppers can sort the products from the lowest to the highest price or vice versa or alphabetically, starting from the first or the last letter of the alphabet.
  • Quick product view - There is no need for users to open a new web page to view a product. By clicking on the “Quick view” button, which appears right above the product when the pointer is on it, you open a pop-up window with all the model’s features plus its photos and graphs, which show how it looks when you are wearing it.
  • Product comparison - The button for adding a product to the comparison list is right next to the item. The list is accessible via the user profile menu and from a ribbon at the lower end of the screen. All features of the selected products are arranged in rows so that the comparison is highly effective and quick. It is easier for people to make the hard choice between two or more fabulous products and the seller can only benefit from this.
  • Wish list - If someone likes multiple products (which is highly likely), how to remember them all? We eliminated this obstacle by giving shoppers the opportunity to add any item at the online store to a wish list, which is directly accessible from their profile’s menu. This feature is enjoyable for customers and extremely useful for marketing - the risk of a prospect giving up on a purchase because he can’t find his favorite product is eliminated.
It takes one click of the mouse button to add a product to the shopping cart. We made the checkout process exceptionally short and simple. Our team also completed successfully one of the most challenging tasks involved in the project - integrating various payment methods. This is how we ensured that the company would not lose a single customer just because she cannot find a convenient way to pay. We covered all target market segments by offering customers to pay via:
  • Fibank’s virtual POS terminal - This enables customers to pay online using a credit or debit card including MaserCard, Visa and Maestro. The payment takes seconds to process, while the security level is outstanding.
  • - Payments via this online system can be made with a registered card or from a micro-account. The speed and security associated with these payments are also exceptionally high.
  • Bank transfer - The sum can be transferred to the company’s bank account from any account in a Bulgarian bank.
  • Payment on delivery - This is a convenient option for those who prefer to pay with cash.
Our team ensured that the company will provide excellent customer service at their online store by integrating an online chat. Shoppers can ask questions and request advice and expect to receive a competent reply from a sales assistant of PIQUADRO directly on the website. Thanks to the special attention from the brand’s specialists, everyone feels as if they are at one of their boutiques. Outside work hours, shoppers can still leave a message in just a few seconds - communication never stops.

Effective Management and Marketing
Our team built a custom admin panel for the online store to meet the brand’s specific requirements. With it, content management is quick and effective - it is easy to add new product groups, collections and new models. Enquiries and orders are also processed via the panel. We made the company’s staff more productive and this helps to increase customer service quality even further.

With the system for email marketing, which we developed for the brand, they can target customers directly. Signing up to receive news and promotional offers via email takes users no more than half a minute. The system has an email template which makes changing the content easy. With test sending, the staff member can be certain that everything is right with the different email clients. The system provides reliable analytics for tracking the opened, unopened and automatically returned emails to maximize email marketing efficiency.


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