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Bet365 were looking for a new way to engage football fans in Bulgaria and chose Whiz for their web project Academy 365. The initiative had two rounds - selection of lecturers and provision of video lectures, which students participate in actively. Our job was to develop the Academy 365 website and software for uploading videos, converting them from desktop into web format and playing them on the site. One of the main challenges was the creation a website feature for active communication between students and lecturers.
Web Design and Development



We made a website for video lectures on football with perfectly working video streaming software.




We were starting a unique web project for engaging football fans incorporating one of the latest marketing trends - gamification. We developed excellent communication with the Academy’s team right from the start. It was quick and concise. We defined the project goals and created a detailed action plan. Our team researched the target audience of Academy 365 plus the best online marketing initiatives based on gamification. We came up with great ideas and put them together in a complete concept for the website’s development. Then we moved onto building the unique site for football fan education.

Attracting Lecturers Successfully
For the initial stage of the Academy 365 initiative, the recruitment of lecturers, we built a special landing page whose purpose was to attract the highest possible number of knowledgeable football fans. On the page, they could sign up and create their own user account. We created a test with a countdown timer which applicants had to complete in 90 minutes. Our team also enabled them to meet the other requirement of the Academy - recording a video clip. which shows their teaching skills, with the use of a webcam and uploading it to the website. The recruitment process went smoothly, so the lectures could begin.

A Fun, Useful and Engaging Experience
The website of Academy 365 was ready to welcome its students. Anyone could sign up and create an account. Students could take a profile photo using their webcam. The registration was quick and easy and the lectures could begin immediately.

The video streaming system, which we built, was fundamental for the website. The lecturers could upload their videos directly on the site. The software, which we developed, converted them from desktop format into web format, so that they could be watched online. Students enjoyed watching perfect videos at all times. Our meticulous work brought a unique experience to users. We also added a news section to the website, so that fans could keep with the latest football games and other events.

Our team created a variety of interactive features for keeping the interest of fans and engaging them ever more. After each lecture, students could take a quiz to find out how much they had learned. Each correct answer brought them points. Students could also leave comments and ask questions online after each lecture. There were some great discussions and a bit feistier arguments, but the atmosphere was super friendly. The most original and useful comments earned points too. The online chat for personal communication between participants which we built also worked perfectly and served its purpose well - the fans chatted actively with one another. A strong community of present and future football experts was formed.

How prestigious would an academy be without evaluating its students? We developed a special evaluation algorithm. It transformed the points accumulated for answering questions correctly and leaving helpful comments into grades. The students had individual report cards with their grades. They could check it at any time on their account. Every month the students at the top of the class received awards - great additional motivation for participating actively and studying even harder. 

The system for email notifications created by our team worked without a glitch. The email list was automatically updated upon the registration of a new student. This is how everyone received timely notifications of the latest lectures on the Academy’s website. We made the site’s management highly effective with a custom-built admin panel and provided complete maintenance for optimal performance at all times.

The Academy 365 web initiative was intriguing, useful and fun - a huge hit among football fans in Bulgaria. You’d have loved it too.


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