To open the door to innovation and to expand our future horizon - these were the main challenges in front of Whiz when we created eWallet, our spin-off for the development of Android mobile apps which rely on NFC technology to enable contactless payments with the use of a smartphone only. The idea is for these apps to also work as digital wallets, which give users the opportunity to manage their personal finances.

We had already taken part in the building of functionality for contactless payments via NFC which was included in the mobile banking app of First Investment Bank. We had the knowledge, skills and technology to provide the service individually to potential clients in Bulgaria and abroad, including banks and other financial institutions as well as entrepreneurs and startups looking to develop their own digital wallet product. Our market research revealed that the demand for the service would by high driven by the growing use of smartphones and the more intense competition in the market for financial services both locally and globally. The opportunity was there and we seized it by making a determined first step - the creation of eWallet.
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Meet eWallet - one of the most innovative digital services - development of a digital wallet for contactless payments with Android smartphone via NFC.

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Starting a new venture is never easy, but we, at Whiz, ensured that everything would go smoothly. We were excellently prepared from a technological standpoint. Our market analysis confirmed that eWallet could be a winner. We developed a detailed business plan and an individual website for our latest spin-off. It was time for the eWallet team to get down to work.

What Does eWallet Offer?
The job of eWallet is to build a native Android mobile app that enables users to make contactless payments by bringing their smartphone close to the POS terminal, thanks to the NFC technology, and to manage the finances available to them at the bank or financial institution that is our client. The eWallet team always develops an individual concept for the app design and functionality so that they match completely the goals of the client and the needs of the end users. Discover the possibilities that an app of this kind can offer and get details on the service offered by eWallet.

The Digital Wallet
It fulfills the same purpose as the traditional wallet, but everything, from making payments to checking and organizing the available amount of money, is digitalized, of course. An Android app created by eWallet enables users to take advantage of digital debit and credit cards linked to their bank accounts. The cards can be managed easily and effectively via the app. Choosing a card for making a payment or changing the PIN code requires just a few taps on the touchscreen. Another feature on offer provides users with the opportunity to give nicknames to their digital cards so that they become easier to identify.

The contactless payment takes just a few seconds. The user brings the smartphone to the POS terminal and pushes a button for confirming the transaction. That’s it! The eWallet team has also developed a special feature for making a limited number of offline payments. For example, users can make as many as 10 payments up to a certain amount without having their smartphone connected to the internet. Once the phone is back online, there is automatic “recharging” of the service up to the initial number of offline payments allowed. Users can also check their completed transactions and the balances on their digital card accounts at any time.

The Expert Service
For developing a custom native Android app for contactless payments via NFC, eWallet provides specialized consultation to the client at the start of the project. The team will create the conceptual design based on detailed market research and the goals set by the company.

The mobile app’s development is based on three major principles - maximum convenience for users, high-speed performance and top level of security. The client can count on eWallet for the ongoing maintenance and future upgrading of the service for contactless payments and digital wallet management.

You can get more details from the website that Whiz built for the service. Thanks to its responsive design, it works perfectly on all smart devices as well as on laptops and desktop computers. The admin panel that we developed makes the addition of information about eWallet to the site quick and easy. The website is always up to date!

Why are we certain of eWallet’s success?
On one hand, NFC is already an integral part of Android smartphones. An independent research study has predicted that by 2018 over two thirds of all smartphones on the planet will be equipped with this technology, which enables contactless payments. On the other hand, there are still very few banks that offer a digital wallet type of service - 55 globally by 30th April 2016, based on data from Forbes and Juniper Research, compared to the thousands of financial institutions working with private and business customers.

The figures reveal the huge potential of the newly formed market niche, with the prediction being that the demand for developers of Android mobile apps for contactless payments will increase quickly at a growing rate. The competitive advantage of eWallet includes the early market entry, which generally means facing lower competition, and the experience gathered to date. We are proud of the fact that our team is behind the service for contactless payments with Android smartphone via NFC of one of only 16 banks in Central and Eastern Europe that currently provide this option to their customers, First Investment Bank AD. This gives eWallet a competitive position in the regional market and not only.


You have an idea for a digital wallet mobile app for your business or startup and need professional development services? REACH EWALLET
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