Where can you find original souvenirs, gifts for your loved ones, decorative objects, scientific models and tools for home use created especially for you? Threeding invites you to the world of 3D printing.

This start-up’s goal is to revolutionize the sale, purchase and free exchange of digital files for 3D printing by making them accessible to consumers around the globe. 3D printing is one of the fastest growing innovations with the potential to change many spheres of life - from medicine, the natural sciences and industrial production to the lifestyle of each one of us. As regulars at many tech conferences around the world, we, at Whiz, realized the potential of this technology and wanted to be among the first entrants to the emerging market niche related to it. This is how we became co-founders of Threeding. Our job was to complete the technical part of the project.

We took the challenge of building a global e-commerce marketplace for the exchange of 3D printable models. We also provided for the addition of a printing service and delivery of the ready products to any place globally. Our aim was to bring designers (sellers) and buyers together and give them the perfect online setting for sales, purchases and doing business in general. We had to come up with innovative solutions to meet the high expectations of users.
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We built an online marketing place for 3D models offering printing services and delivery of the ready 3D products.

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Our team was starting a project for the development of a complex global website for e-commerce related to an innovative technology and naturally the expectations were high. Just like all start-ups, Threeding needed original ideas and strong technical know-how to gain a stable position in the market and become highly competitive. This was “our specialty” and we started working with great enthusiasm.

Accurate Preparation
We began our work with detailed market research and competitor analysis, with the clear knowledge that the start-up was about to enter a new market niche. We evaluated alternative solutions, defined our competitive advantages and pointed possible weaknesses that had to be avoided. Our team analyzed the target market of these fairly new products and services to give users a truly wonderful experience at the 3D model marketplace that would bring them maximum satisfaction.

We built the concept for the online marketplace and described it in detail. By using flow charts, we structured the content and the features of the website. Our wireframes showed the layout of each page and the size and shape of each element on it. We built interactive prototypes to show how users will interact with the various features of the website, from creating an account to selecting 3D models and making a purchase.

After creating a project plan and schedule, the project manager allocated the design and programming tasks to the different members of our team. We had to perfect everything - from the navigation and the sales and purchases, which had to be highly intuitive, to the software algorithms for converting 3D files to other formats and the repair of broken files uploaded by mistake. A major aspect of our work was the building of a plug-in for displaying 3D models in three dimensions on the e-commerce website’s pages, regardless of the user’s browser. We put a lot of work and talent into the building of the marketplace and did an even better job than expected.

How Threeding Makes 3D Models and Printing Accessible to Everyone
Everyone can view the 3D models offered at the marketplace easily and quickly as we arranged them in theme-based categories and subcategories for maximum convenience. If you want to upload or download 3D files, you should know that creating an account takes less than 10 seconds - you just have to fill out a form with 4 fields. Each account has features for making both sales and purchases. By providing complete flexibility, we attracted more people.

To the buyers who want to own something unique, Threeding offers an exciting experience which is enjoyed by both professional designers and regular consumers. You can browse through the categories and subcategories or use the search tool for finding a specific model. The 3D models on offer are highly diverse. The list includes historic artifacts, famous architectural masterpieces, original works of art, fashion accessories, computer and mobile accessories, work tools, science models and many, many more.

Shoppers can use different types of filters - setting a price ceiling, viewing only free or paid 3D models, display of textured or untextured models only and filtering based on file type. We gave users diverse options for arranging the models on a web page (from the newest to the oldest, from the cheapest to the most expensive and so on). There is a choice between grid and list display with the latter providing more detailed information. Users can select the number of products per page. Personalizing the experience is easy.

There are 2D images of each 3D model, with many of them being color photos. The most exciting part is the three-dimensional display of the models and their 360-degree rotation. This feature is highly entertaining and engaging too. Every model also comes with ratings and reviews. Only users who have purchased the respective product can leave a review. This is how we guarantee transparency. On each product page, visitors can find the designer’s name and a selection of the artist’s other works too. The “Related Products” section displays models which are similar to the one being viewed and ones which can complement it. All these features help to achieve higher user engagement and increase the chance of a sale. Sharing a 3D model on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ takes one click of a button. This is how we harness the interactions of the social network to build awareness for both the products and the marketplace.

Visitors who have a Threeding account can use a product comparison tool and create wish lists which are easily accessible from the top horizontal menu. Comparing 3D models is incredibly quick and effective as all product specifications are arranged in a table, while their photos are next to one another - the risk of confusion is eliminated. Customers have greater certainty when making purchase decisions and this helps to increase sales. The creation of a wish list enables visitors to check out more models without worrying that they might not find their way back to their favorite ones. Shopping is easier and the chance of a purchase is higher.

Both the 3D printing service and the delivery of the printed products are completely reliable. Customers can select the material to be used for printing and their preferred color and product size. The selection of options in each category is large. This results in numerous material, color and size combinations. When users select a material, they get a full description of its properties and can see how the printed object will look. This information is extremely useful given that 3D printing is a fairly new technology and most people aren’t well familiar with it. Threeding works with some of the top 3D printing service providers to guarantee top quality.

You just need to click on a button to add a 3D file for downloading or a model to be printed and delivered to you to your shopping cart. The checkout process is short and simple. Thanks to the virtual POS and PayPal integrations, buyers can choose whether to pay with a debit or credit card or via their account in the online payment system. Customers can view their purchase history and track their orders if they have signed into their account on Each purchase is quick, easy and secure, whilst the client always gets the full details about it.

Fabulous conditions for artists
Sellers, who are mostly 3D designers, can just drag and drop 3D files or upload them by sellecting them from a folder on their computer. Each seller can display an unlimited number of their works on Threeding. The software which we built guarantees that each model is presented in the best possible light. The algorithms work smoothly at all times. This is fundamental for the high-quality customer service offered by the e-commerce marketplace.

Designers can view the models which they have uploaded and sold at any time on their account. They can also see the details of each transaction - the model’s sales price paid by the buyer, their revenue from the sale and the size of the commission paid to Threeding. We also created special sales revenue charts. Designers can focus on their creative work, while the platform guarantees that they receive their income and provides detailed reports via email.

Maintenance, Management and Upgrading
All users of the online marketplace for 3D models receive first-class technical support via the help center which offers lots of useful materials, the option to report a problem and the opportunity to ask a question to the administrators. The enquiry form is short and easy to fill out. The Threeding team aims to provide a solution in the shortest time.

By creating a special management system, we made content management and order processing highly effective processes. It is easy to add and modify categories and subcategories. The enquiries, issue reports and queries are perfectly organized and this results in a faster customer service of even higher quality. With perfect control over orders and deliveries, the risk of customers waiting longer than expected is minimized.

The management system provides up-to-date analytics including user activity and sales data. Thanks to the graphic representation of the data, the analysis is always productive. To maximize the efficiency of Threeding’s team, we made the setting up of access levels to the management system possible. Staff members receive individual accounts with specially set functions such as viewing the content without being able to change it or being able only to approve the content in question.

Our company, Whiz, is among the major driving forces behind the project and continue to work on its future development and growth. We have already built the Threeding mobile app for Android, iOS and Amazon. It offers a catalogue of the 3D models offered at the marketplace. The app’s users can view models and share them on the social networks. The enquiry and buy buttons take them directly to the e-commerce website.

We provide ongoing technical support to the marketplace to ensure that it is always up to date and offers exceptional user experience. Our work also includes the addition of new services and features to the e-commerce website and the optimization of the existing ones. We generate new ideas for long-term growth. This is how we are able to guarantee that the online marketplace will always be in line with the latest trends in 3D printing and design. This is extremely important given the growing number of applications which the technology has and its fast advancement.

Visit the Threeding marketplace, check out and compare 3D models, place an order and get an amazing 3D printed object - a work of art, an accessory or a scientific model for your kids.


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