Bonev Soft Auditing selected Whiz for building their new website. Being chosen by the developer of the first Bulgarian accounting software - АЖУР®, which remains a market leader, was a great recognition for our team, having over ten years of experience in web development. The existing company website lacked a contemporary feel and features and powerful onsite marketing for the modular ERP system.

The challenge ahead of us was to make the new website a modern online platform where prospective customers could explore the software and existing ones could receive the perfect service. One of our key tasks was the creation of marketing content that would provide valuable information in a pleasant way. It was also necessary to adhere strictly to the company’s professional style.
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Bonev Soft Auditing

We built a new responsive website for one of the most popular ERP systems in Bulgaria, АЖУР®, to attract new customers and provide first-class online service.

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The main project goals were the modernization of the website and the improvement of the АЖУР® online marketing within the site and beyond. We had to find solutions that would attract more customers to the ERP system and ones that would make life even easier for existing users. The work on the project began with us providing consultation to the Bonev Soft Auditing team to help them define their vision more clearly and to enable all of us to come up with creative ideas together. Under the adept leadership of our chief consultant, Philip, we soon knew we’d found a common language (even though we use different ones for programming).

Our preliminary research for the website development project was focused on the highly specific target audience of the brand - accountants, finance specialists, managers and directors of private, public and state-run companies and non-governmental organizations. Our job was to combine the strict corporate style with an intuitive interface that would make the access to important information exceptionally fast. Our analysis of competitor ERP system websites revealed two major trends that we recreated in a unique way. These include increased used of images and video and clearly defined sections within each web page to make the information easier to digest.

The next step involved combining the ideas generated during the research and analysis phase into a website concept. We structured the site sections to make them quickly accessible and defined the user’s path, so that finding the required information would take a minimal number of steps. The interactive prototype we presented to Bonev Soft Auditing received accolades from them. Our team used the helpful feedback to perfect the concept.

Using the concept, we built the new company website presenting the АЖУР® ERP system. One of our top priorities was the responsive design. Now all decision makers and users can receive the required information and contact the company in a convenient way using virtually any connected device - a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phablet or smartphone.

One of our key objectives was to simplify the website’s navigation as much as possible. In addition to the mandatory dropdown menu, we added a breadcrumbs trail, enabling users to go back to any one of the web pages they’ve already visited with a single mouse click or touchscreen tap respectively.

Prospective customers can make an enquiry immediately using the big red “Get a Quote” button appearing in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This CTA button guarantees that a person interested in the ERP software will not have second thoughts because it’s hard to reach the provider.

One of our main tasks was presenting the АЖУР® modules as software solutions for businesses and other organizations in an effective, helpful and attractive way. Each module page has three sections - feature description, screenshots and YouTube video, which shows how the module works. Each section has its own tab for direct access. Since the feature descriptions are quite long, we structured them into smaller paragraphs to give visitors an easy read that will enable them to make the most out of the information. The decision makers get a full impression of the software in very little time. For the pages with less information, such as “About Us”, we created sections with alternating text and images, which are both professional and beautiful, for an even more enjoyable user experience.

Time is money and business people measure exactly how valuable each second is to them. That is why we couldn’t leave them waiting even that long when they want to contact Bonev Soft Auditing regarding АЖУР®. In addition to the online enquiry form, which is always a click away, all website pages with marketing content have a special section with the company’s phone number and a button which takes you to the contact page. The online chat we integrated makes it easy to talk to a representative of the company directly on the website. The ability to reach the company right away gives prospective and existing customers even greater confidence about choosing and using the software.

The new website we created for Bonev Soft Auditing allows for more effective social media marketing and email marketing. In the website footer, there are buttons taking visitors to the company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Everyone interested in the company and their products can sign up for their email newsletter using a single-field form.

The website’s administration panel has a user-friendly interface and allows for full control over the content at all times. The administrator can change not only the text, but also the button names and the position of the elements for achieving even higher marketing results. The integrated enquiry processing system works reliably. It helps for achieving greater productivity and lightening fast interaction with customers. The company can also manage their email newsletter via the administration panel for maximum efficiency.

Finance and accounting specialists, managers and organization CEOs can now access the new website of Bonev Soft Auditing. It is already winning new customers for the company, while we, at Whiz, take care of the maintenance and future upgrading.

Visit, find out more about АЖУР® and take advantage of all the website’s features.


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