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It all began with an idea for stimulating MasterCard debit and credit card sales via a special program, SurPrize, which would function in the internal system of First Investment Bank AD, the largest Bulgarian bank with entirely local capital. Whiz was chosen for the custom development of the software. The challenge game from the fact that the program had to be integrated into the bank’s system, so that every employee could access it via an individual account. An exceptionally high level of security was required plus maximum precision and adherence to the specific requirements of our clients.
Custom Web Software



We developed a website and web-based software for an incentive program at First Investment Bank AD aimed at increasing the sales of the credit and debit cards of a leading card company by the bank’s staff.




The program’s development was based on solid preparation. We discussed different ideas and gave great thought to every detail. We researched the target audience consisting of the bank’s employees thoroughly.

The design was created by a partner company and was really good. Now it was our turn - we started with the programming and with putting together the design and the code. MasterCard and Fibank had high expectations which we had to meet by delivering the best outcome.

Engaging and Motivating Program Working Flawlessly
Our programmers put a lot of technical skill, talent and hard work into the development of the custom software to make it work reliably and securely at all times. The result was a wonderful program which brings measurable results.

We integrated the program into the bank’s internal system successfully, while giving it the highest level of security. Each employee of the bank enters the program with a unique username and password. This is how we guaranteed a high level of personalization which served as additional motivation for the participants.

The SurPrize program has three main components:
  • Discover MasterCard’s latest products - Upon entering the program, participants are introduced to it with a short welcome message. Then they view slides with information about the debit and credit cards that they will be selling. This step is of great importance because it is followed by a short quiz with questions on the products. Whether users give a right or wrong answer, they can see a short explanation after each question. What better way to learn something new? The interesting presentation makes the information easier to remember, so that it can be used effectively during a sale.
  • Current rankings - The point system of the program is simple -  for every issued MasterCard card, the staff member receives a specific number of points. The software, which we built, counts and adds the points of each participant in real time and produces rankings based on the total. Everyone can see their current ranking and points. To tease the desire for achievement in participants, the system shows how many points the person who is ranked right before them has.
  • Guess the prize - In this section, participants can flip pieces of a puzzle, which hides the prizes. This is how they get clues about what the winners will receive.
In addition to showing a personal greeting to each participant, the program gives users the option to choose a personal avatar. Each staff member can choose from 40 different funny emoji which make you smile widely. Who says that bankers don’t have a sense of humor?

A Multifunctional Management System Custom-Made for the Program
We built a custom admin panel for the management of SurPrize. It helps the bank to optimize the program and achieve even higher results. With it, entering and changing content and adding new prizes are simple tasks. The ranking data is detailed and easy to track. Managers can see which Fibank branch has the highest card sales and assign different weights to the branches to evaluate their efficiency. The panel allows for the automatic importing of files with sales data. This makes the program performance and sales analysis even more effective and more valuable.

We are proud to be the developers of this innovative program for the Bulgarian market and the local banking industry, in particular. It was a pleasure for our team to work on it and the superb result makes us very happy. MasterCard and Fibank are more than satisfied with our creation and the benefits which it has brought them. They value highly our work and this is the most important thing for Whiz.


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