To engage and increase its audience on Facebook, ZORA, one of the largest retail chains for home appliances and consumer electronics in Bulgaria, planned to launch a game on the social network. They entrusted Whiz with the game’s development, relying on our experience in this field. For attracting a large number of excited users, the company wanted the theme of the app to be the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which was quickly approaching. They had the prizes ready (over one hundred products sold at the retail chain’s stores). The real challenge came from the short time for the completion of the project. We had only one week to build and launch a perfectly working game with points, rankings and all other mandatory features.
Facebook Application



We made an intriguing Facebook game for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to help the ZORA retail chain engage fans on the social network.




Our team has always loved challenges and the short project deadline only made us more determined. When every second counts, you need a strict and clear plan and schedule. We created them super quickly. Thanks to our diverse experience in the development of Facebook games and apps dedicated to football, we had in-depth understanding of the target audience’s interest and expectations. This was the foundation for making a truly mesmerizing Facebook game. Our team maintained the highest possible level of productivity throughout the entire creative work process.

We built the game mechanics of “The World Is Football” to make it engaging for players and to stimulate their activity. By perfecting everything to the smallest detail, we provided for great entertainment and for complete transparency when it came to the player rankings. Our team designed the features for making each prediction to be attractive and unique:
  • Predict the finalists - Participants have to give their prediction for the two teams that they think will make it to the final and specify which one will take first place and second place respectively. Making the prediction is extremely easy - it involves selecting the two teams from the drop-down list.
  • Predict the group winners - The groups are arranged in a table and you simply need to select the winner of each one from the drop-down menu. There’s no room for confusion.
  • Predict match outcome - Here participants have to make two predictions. The first one is for the game’s outcome. After deciding on a win for the figurative visiting or home team or on a draw, you mark the respective card. The second prediction is for the final score. Users can select how many goals each team will score (including 0). We placed an information icon next to each of the prediction sections. By clicking on it, people receive short instructions for making their predictions. This minimizes the risk of incorrect entries due to confusion.
The building of a point scoring system required maximum precision. After each event, which predictions were made for, the system determines automatically if the predictions came out to be true or false. Participants gaine a different number of points for each type of accurate prediction. Users can check their predictions, the points received for each one and their total score in a special table at any given time. For eliminating any suspicions, we provided the real match results in the table’s column right next to the one with the predictions.

The goal of players in the Facebook game “The World Is Football” is to earn the highest possible score that will take them up the rankings and more specifically to the prize zone. In the designated section, everyone can check their current rankings and their personal rank plus the scores earned up to this point. With one click on the “View” button, the detailed history of each user’s predictions is generated. This guarantees complete transparency.

We developed a perfectly working system for preventing cheating. Participation in the game requires a valid Facebook account. To make the game completely fair, we put in place a special mechanism which allows players to make predictions only before the start of the respective event.

By including social features in the game, we ensured that it would go viral on Facebook. To be able to participate, users first have to like the Facebook page of the ZORA retail chain. This makes it possible for their friends to learn about the game on their newsfeed. We also made a special feature for inviting friends on Facebook to take part in the game. This is how the players themselves “work” for making the game more popular.

In the “Prizes” section participants can see what they could win. We added the logos of the brands whose products are given to the winners as prizes. Users can also view each prize at the ZORA retail chain’s online store. This is how visitors can be converted into customers.

We completed the project within the deadline and the game pulled off excellent performance. During the first few days online, the Facebook game “The World Is Football”, dedicated to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, gathered more than 30,000 players. Football fans of all ages demonstrated their knowledge and were keeping their fingers crossed for their team to win. By the end of the first week, the number of participants grew to 43,000 social network users. The game was reaching the set goal - an increasing number of engaged Facebook fans.


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