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With a strong reputation for delivering breaking news fast and for covering a wide variety of topics objectively, our client is one of the most popular Bulgarian news websites. It is related to Darik Radio, one of the first privately owned radio stations in the country. It has special coverage of 18 Bulgarian regions and this makes it the top website for regional news. You can always learn about the latest events from the country and around the world in the field of politics, finance, technology, show business and sports. Taking advantage of the advanced technologies in web design and development, the website offers rich video content and photo galleries in addition to traditional articles.

As one of the most innovative media in Bulgaria, the product is constantly evolving. To be even closer to its audience and gain constant presence on their smartphones and tablets, it needed its own mobile app. Whiz was selected for the native app development project. Our goal was to make people even better informed anytime, anywhere.

Direct access to the latest news, quick speed and easy searching for articles on a specific topic were just some of the things which the app had to give to its users. For targeting the majority of the website’s audience, we decided to focus on Android and iOS app development.
Mobile Application


Leading Media Company

Our company built a modern mobile app for one of the top news websites in Bulgaria and it works quickly and reliably to deliver the latest news at your fingertips.





The thorough initial discussions helped us define precise project goals. Creating a plan for action was the next step. We gave detailed answers to the questions of what, when and how…and the brainstorming process began. We gathered, discussed and evaluated lots of creative ideas.

In-Depth Research
We studied the apps of leading global media to gain clear understanding of the latest trends in delivering news via mobile. Our market research involved analyzing the target audience demographics to find out exactly how to create the perfect experience for users. Armed with a powerful concept, we began the technical work on the project.

Strong Conceptual Design
For organizing and presenting our ideas, we used mind maps which described the mobile app’s features and content. We defined the user path and interactions clearly. With prototypes of the user interface, our team showed how the app would work in real life. The conceptual design was ready and we discussed every detail with the team of our client to ensure that they would get exactly what they had envisioned.

Great User Experience and an Effectively Working Monetization Model
Our designers took on creating a beautiful interface, while our programmers worked on building the features. Everyone was focused on the common goal - providing a fabulous experience which engages users. We built all elements especially for the app to ensure that it would work impeccably on each of the mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Thanks to the native development, the mobile app meets the highest design and user interaction standards set by the platforms and taps into the smartphone and tablet functionality. This results in fast and reliable performance and one-of-a-kind user experience. To ensure that the app is perfectly functional on both smartphones and tablets, we created a special design for each type of mobile device, taking into account the specifics of its touchscreen.

What’s the result of our work? Here is what the news mobile app has to offer:
  • Minimalist design, which is ideal for smartphones and tablets, featuring the brand’s logo and its memorable red color
  • Accessing the latest news and hottest topics just by touching the app’s icon
  • Automatically refreshed home screen - The app is always up to date!
  • Easy navigation - You can access the menu with just one tap on the screen. To check the regional news, for example, you simply have to select the respective city in the “Regions” category.
  • Each article comes with a photo next to the title - A simple way for enhancing user experience to meet the expectations of today’s audience.
  • Quick content filtering based on content type - video or photo gallery
  • Fast app loading - Users are never annoyed by long waiting
  • Each article on the app has a link to the full version on the website - A special button takes users directly to the webpage.
  • The button “More” offers readers additional articles on the same topic - a great way for engaging users more effectively
  • Built-in search engine - You can enter keywords via the keyboard or use voice search, which is promoted by both Android and iOS.
  • Social network sharing - The app’s users can share content on Facebook and Google+ and via email with the touch of a button. This is how content goes viral and the app gains more fans.
Thanks to the system for push notifications, users receive important messages right away, no matter if they are currently using the app or not. This is a great way to deliver breaking news to users and to enhance their mobile experience. It helps to keep people interested in the content and in the mobile app too.

Reporting regional news has always been one of the strongest sides of the brand. To take it to new heights, we took advantage of the modern smartphone and tablet technology. We built a feature for delivering personalized news content based on the user’s location. No matter where users live, they are always well-informed about the latest events in their city and region.

The SmartAdServer system for banner ads, which we integrated into the mobile app, makes it a reliable revenue source. The system is actually fundamental for the monetization of the Net Info applications for Android and iOS. The app can be downloaded for free and this results in a growing number of users. Advertisers can exploit the popularity of the app to reach a large number of prospective customers. This is a lucrative revenue model which is also sustainable.

Flexibility is key when it comes to managing any kind of business. That is why we made it possible for the team of our client to monitor and analyze user activity on their mobile app. Thanks to the integration of Google Tag Manager, they can gain deep understanding of the preferences and expectations of their audience. The analytics can be used for the more effective targeting of different market segments, depending on their demographics. Knowledge is power, especially in the digital age.

A Head Start and Constant Growth
The day of the app’s publishing on Google Play and App Store finally came. The catchy icon with the brand’s logo and the promotional graphics which we created helped to grab people’s attention. Our work wasn’t over, however, as we provide ongoing maintenance. The mobile app’s built-in reporting system signals us about a problem automatically. As a result, we can eliminate it quickly to ensure that the application works perfectly at any given time. We are always available to provide support too.

Currently, our focus is on the long-term development of the mobile app. To keep it interesting and up-to-date at all times, we add new features and improve existing ones. With effective optimization, it will never fall behind mobile technology.

How is the mobile app performing? It’s been grabbed by thousands of people who use it actively on their smartphones and tablets. The Google Play and App Store downloads increase by the minute. The application has high user ratings and lots of positive reviews which give it an ever more competitive position. Anyone can enjoy the convenient features and the excellent design of the mobile app and get the quickest access to news.


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