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With its intriguing and useful articles, dazzling photo galleries and video cooking recipes, the brand is not simply a fun website, but a rising star among the online media in Bulgaria, gaining ever greater popularity. It has everything which interests the modern woman and is there for her 24/7. Checking the daily horoscope on the website takes only a few seconds - a great way to start the day. With just a few clicks of the mouse button, ladies discover the latest trends in healthy eating, fashion and cosmetics, the secrets to successful romantic relationships and what their favorite celebrities have been up to lately. The website is a great place to learn more about new books and the most exotic travel destinations too.

For solidifying their competitive position in the market and delivering content to women in a more personalized way, the website’s management planned the creation of a unique mobile app. Whiz was chosen for realizing the project. The goal was clear - development of a native mobile app which works impeccably and gives users quick and easy access to the content which interests them.

We had to give users a new and more personalized way to interact with the content on mobile devices, while preserving the style of the brand. Various features, from social media sharing buttons to a search engine, were waiting to be built. We decided to go for iOS and Android app development since these are the two most widely used mobile platforms in Bulgaria, just like in the rest of the world.
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We created the stylish mobile app for the women audience with its showbiz news, fashion advice and horoscopes, it is the favorite of women.





It all began with work meetings for defining the project goals and choosing between alternative approaches. Both teams were on the same wavelength and our mutual work was more than productive. Our next step involved creating a detailed project plan with a timeline and clearly allocated responsibilities and assignments.

Research and Concept
We studied the best examples of women’s apps in the world in great detail. This gave us deeper understanding of the current trends in this market niche and further boost to our imagination. Our target market research covered all segments of the future app’s audience. Our aim was to give a precise answer to the question of what women want. Our team came up with lots of creative ideas. We had a hard time choosing between them, but it is our firm belief that we picked the best ones. Now it was time to combine the ideas into a concise concept.

With the use of mind maps, we defined the structure and features of the future mobile app. Our designers drew sketches showing the layout of the application’s screens. We determined the place, size and shape of all elements. Testing the interactive prototypes, which we had created, showed us how to build the perfect user interface. To ensure that the conceptual design met all of the client’s requirements, we discussed it with the team of our client. When the developer and the business work well together, the results are always superb. We were fully ready and totally excited to start building the mobile app.

A Gorgeous Design and Impressive Features
Relying on our experience in mobile app design, we created a modern, simple and attractive interface that would appeal to every woman. Red was the main color in the pallet which our team used as it makes the brand easily recognizable. With great precision, we created designs especially for smartphones and tablets in line with their touchscreen sizes and the different orientation options. Users enjoy the same amazing experience on all mobile devices.

Our programmers ensured that all user features and the ones for the app’s management would work flawlessly. With the growing competition in mobile, there’s no room for errors. The user interface and features were designed specifically for Android and iOS, following the respective standards of each platform. Thanks to the native development, the app utilizes the functionality of mobile devices - the microphone and the swipe gestures, for example. It boasts with high speed and complete reliability. The intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to find their way around the app and reach their preferred content quickly. This is fundamental for an exciting and engaging user experience.

With dedication and hard work, we gave the mobile app everything which users want to enjoy:
  • User-friendly design - Navigation is a breeze, so the focus is on the fun which the application has to offer. 
  • Attractive style - The logo and the distinctive red color are easy to recognize.
  • One-tap access to the latest and most interesting articles - The app’s icon is more than inviting.
  • The home screen’s content is always up to date - Users get direct access to the newest content on the app thanks to the automatic updating.
  • Beautiful captivating photos and useful and enthralling videos - Users can view the most recent collections of the world’s top fashion designers and photos from the most important showbiz events. They can also watch how a skilled chef cooks the dish they’d like to serve for dinner.
  • A super convenient menu - The content is well-organized in categories and subcategories and this makes every piece of information or advice easy to find.
  • Filtering articles based on their content - video or a photo gallery. Users can personalize the content which they view in line with their preferences.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes - For the zodiac signs, we created beautiful icons using a carefully chosen color pallet for each.
  • Attention-grabbing buttons with meaningful designs for drawing a good luck wish, a Tarot card and a secret of the day - For each of the three, we chose a special design theme to maximize the impact on users. The mobile app offers personalized entertainment in addition to interesting and useful information. There is nothing more motivating than reading an inspiring quote from a famous person when you draw a good luck wish.
  • Sharing content on all social networks which users have access to on their mobile devices and via email too - Women can share the latest celebrity news, the best yoga exercises or the hottest makeup trends with their friends with the touch of a button. The social interactions help to create awareness for the mobile app online.
  • Instant access to related content via the “More” button - The fun never ends as users keep exploring more content on the app. Higher user engagement has multiple benefits for the application - it becomes more popular and more profitable.
  • Voice search in addition to the traditional entering of keywords using the keyboard -  You just tap on the mic icon and say what you want to find. It’s easy, quick and convenient.
Thanks to the mobile app’s built-in location feature, users can receive personalized content based on where they are. The list includes regional news and articles about events which will be taking place in the local area. Content personalization helps the app to build and expand its loyal user base.

User experience is further enhanced thanks to the app’s push notifications. They are effective for letting people know about the latest articles and features, as they are generated automatically even when the application is not actively used on the smartphone or tablet. Push notifications also make a powerful marketing tool.

The plan for monetizing the app is created to exploit all opportunities offered by Android and iOS. Its main element is the SmartAdServer system which distributes banner ads. The app is free to download and to use and this is an additional incentive for people to choose it. Given the app’s growing user base, it becomes more attractive to advertisers. This results in an impeccably working advertising channel which is an excellent revenue source.

Thanks to the Google Tag Manager integration, there is always reliable mobile app analytics available to the team. This is an effective way for tracking and measuring activity and determining what’s popular and what’s not among users. As a result, more content matching their preferences is delivered and this helps to build loyalty. The analytics can be used for personalizing ad messages too. The mobile app has everything necessary to a be a hit.

A Fabulous Start and Ever Better Performance
We ensured that the mobile app will attract the largest possible number of users right after its publishing on Google Play and App Store. For the purpose, we created an impressive icon for the application and promotional graphics which present its features on smartphones and tablets in an enchanting way. People cannot resist downloading the app.

We stand behind our creation by providing ongoing maintenance. In case a problem occurs, we are immediately notified about it by the special system which we integrated. This is how every issue is resolved in the shortest time and the app performs smoothly. The client can call us, email us or chat with us online whenever there is an important matter to be discussed. We are always by their side.

To ensure that the mobile app will keep its existing users and win new ones in the future, we implement a strategy for long-term growth. It includes optimizations, addition of new features and enriching the user experience. Our goal is for the app to advance at the same pace as mobile technology.

The mobile app is already on the smartphones and tablets of thousands of users, who enjoy the interesting and useful content and the wonderful experience. The number of downloads from Google Play and App Store is constantly increasing and so is the number of praising reviews. The app’s ratings are sky high. It is becoming an integral part of the modern woman’s lifestyle.


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