Kamenitza, one of the largest brewery companies in Bulgaria, was planning to maintain the interest in the largest and most popular football tournament for amateurs in the country, Kamenitza Fan Cup, with a Facebook app inspired by the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the passion-filled games on the pitches in Brazil. The company wanted to take full advantage of the viral effect created on the social network and chose Whiz for the app’s development, considering our diverse experience in building such applications. The app had to offer a fun game with an attractive design and features for user engagement and for harnessing the social network interactions to work for the brand. One of the main challenges was that we had very little time for the completion of the project.
Facebook Application



We built a Facebook app for Kamenitza which helped the brand to engage its fans and popularize its football initiative.




We had a short deadline for completing the project, but this only motivated us even more. Together with the team of the advertising agency that worked for Kamenitza, we discussed the Facebook application in detail and prepared a precise action plan with a clear schedule and allocation of the tasks. The people of the brewery company liked very much our sketches with explanations of the social features which we included. This was a great recognition of our work. Although we had little time to research the target audience of the brand and of the tournament, we did a good job and came up with a creative idea of how to grab the attention of fans. We started with the programming immediately.

An Original Game, Happy Football Fans and Reached Marketing Goals
We put great technical skill and creativity into the transformation of a great idea into a fun Facebook app for engaging the football fans following closely the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We met strictly all requirements of the social network to ensure that the application would operate in line with the Facebook policies applicable to software created by developers. The idea was to invite users to enter their first name and last name so that they could find out what their “Brazilian” name was with the click of a button. For this, we developed software which generates combinations using parts of the participant’s name and parts of the names of famous Brazilian football players. This “translation” to “Brazilian” inevitably brought smiles on people’s faces and in most cases strong laughter.

The project’s concept was impressive and we had to build upon it with beautiful design and features, which would improve the user experience even further and, at the same time, work for achieving the set marketing goals (growth and effective engagement of the target audience). The choice of colors for the game’s design was clear - yellow and green, just like the colors of the Brazilian football team’s kit. As a background, we set a brick wall, reminding fans of the first step which kids typically take to learn how to play football - kicking a ball against a wall.

To make the game even more irresistible to football fans, we added images of the prizes. We placed the original Adidas ball in the lower right-hand corner, which is a favorite of those taking penalty kicks. We gave participants a hint of the other type of prize, a jersey with the Brazilian name of the winner, with a graphic image of the Brazilian national football team’s kit. While designing the Facebook application, we also considered the unique colors and style of the Kamenitza Fan Cup’s page on the social network. This is how we ensured that the tournament’s logo fitted perfectly in the center of the game’s page. What better way to make an impression on football enthusiasts?

The social features, which we created, worked effectively for the marketing of the amateur football tournament and the building of Kamenitza's image online and on Facebook, in particular. To take part in the game, users had to like the tournament’s Facebook page. This is an effective way for the page to become more popular and gain more fans. Additionally, there was no need to register or to fill out a form to enjoy the game and this was an added stimulus for participants.

We made taking part in the game incredibly easy. Users simply had to enter their first name and last name in the designated field and click on the button next to it. The Brazilian name of the participant was generated automatically. Different combinations were possible and this made the game even more exciting. Once users got their Brazilian name, they were automatically registered for the raffle with prizes. Participants could also share their Brazilian name on their Facebook wall with the click of a button. This created greater awareness for the game - more people found out about it and about the great entertainment which it had to offer. The sharing resulted in the game going viral - the popularity of the game, the number of participants and the number of fans of Kamenitza Fan Cup’s page increased.

As a marketing tool, the Facebook application worked remarkably for engaging the target audience. Our team ensured its reliable performance though perfect development and the best choice of hosting architecture, built to withstand high loads and high traffic to the game. By providing adequate maintenance and support, we guaranteed that in case of a glitch, the problem would be eliminated immediately. Everyone was satisfied with the impeccable work of the Facebook game “My Brazilian Name” throughout the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the results which it brought to Kamenitza.


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