One of the top wineries in Bulgaria, Katarzyna, chose Whiz for the development of their corporate website that would reflect their vision and the high quality of their wines. The design had to be visually perfect - elegant and corresponding to the brand's identity. The main challenge for us was to recreate the brand’s unique character and to present the atmosphere of the cellar and the incredible taste of the wines in the digital space. Our task was to give users a unique online experience engaging them with Katarzyna.
Web Design and Development



We built an exquisite website for Katarzyna which presents the brand’s wine collections in an unforgettable way.

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We set the goals, made a choice between alternative solutions and defined the project’s timeframe together with the people of Katarzyna. Thanks to the good communication between our team and theirs, we quickly moved on to the detailed planning. The project managers had clear responsibilities and allocated the tasks at hand to the designers and programmers. With a clearly set schedule, we began our work on the project. We were highly motivated.

Research and Concept
We studied the websites of leading wineries on different continents, analyzed the digital representation of the brand’s main competitors and researched its target market. After generating lots of creative ideas, we discussed them and chose the best ones. Then we used them to develop the website’s conceptual design.

We arranged all sections, subsections and features in flowcharts. Our wireframes for all pages of the website illustrated the layout and the size and shape of the elements plus their content. With a prototype, we showed how users interact with the site’s content. Throughout the conceptual design stage of the project, we discussed all details with Katarzyna’s team. Our mutual work was extremely fruitful and our team received excellent feedback. It was time for the design and programming.

A Sophisticated Website Presenting the Brand and Its Products
Beauty was the main priority in this project. This gave our designers the opportunity “to get loose” and they put an incredible amount of creativity into their work. We decided to use photographs as the primary design elements - they are big and set in strategic places on the pages. Red was the natural choice of a base color as it is used in the logo of the brand and reflects its image. For the background, we used romantic floral motifs inspired by the textiles typical for the ancient French castles. We chose serif fonts that add an extra touch of sophistication to the presentation of the products, services and news.

Our programmers wrote perfect code. It guarantees the reliable performance of the website and the fast loading of the pages. We created an elegant horizontal menu for easy access to all of the website’s sections. The navigation is intuitive and this contributes greatly to the excellent user experience. Each section contains interesting and useful content presented in an elegant way:
  • Home - The brand’s impressive logo and the photograph of the cellar filling the entire header section invite visitors to enter Katarzyna Estate. On the homepage, we created a special section for company news, with the full story being accessible with one click on the “Read More” button. The “On Focus” section of the page presents a selection of the brand’s wines. We used this diverse set of teasers to grab the visitors’ attention and engage them from the very beginning.
  • About Katarzyna - For this page, we created several subsections (“About Katarzyna”, “The Estate”, “The Vineyard”, “Wine Sampling and Tours”, “Local Sightseeing” and “Awards”) in order to help the website’s users find their way around. The web page of each subsection has alternating text and large photographs that bring the winery’s atmosphere online.
  • Wines - Each of the Katarzyna wine brands is presented with its own logo and a special card in catchy red color. Just by clicking on a card, you will discover the set of wines in all their splendor - each one has an impressive photo and a superb description of its flavor and aroma.
  • Special Offers - In this section, visitors are introduced to the limited series of wines of the brand which has received the highest score from the leading critic Robert Parker. There is a special subsection for the personalized label creation service. Such a label can make every bottle of wine a touching and memorable gift.
  • Gallery - The visitors to the website can enjoy gorgeous photos of the estate, cellar, modern production facilities and vineyard of Katarzyna to the fullest. We gave users the option to view a slideshow with buttons for adjusting all settings easily.
  • News - We designed the main news page to present each story with a title, photo, date and opening sentence. By clicking on the button “Read more”, users can read the whole story and see a larger picture.
  • Club - Our team created this web page especially for the presentation of the card for the brand’s club.
  • Contacts - In addition to the emails and phones of the company, we gave users an online enquiry form, which takes seconds to fill out and is sent with the push of a button. We also placed a local map for finding the company’s office easily.
The website’s footer includes the company’s contact information and links to the main sections. Once users are engaged, it is easy for them to find out more.

We built a custom admin panel for the website’s management. The people of Katarzyna can change and add new content, from products to news and photos, easily and quickly. This is how the website is always highly effective for the brand’s marketing.

Wonderful Results and a Long-Term Partnership
The website is constantly winning new customers and admirers for the brand. Our job is to keep it in perfect working condition by providing ongoing maintenance. The people of the company can call us, send an email or chat with us online - we offer various options for maximum convenience. We take active part in the website’s future development with ideas, optimizations and upgrades.

Visit Katarzyna’s website and you will be charmed by the estate, the vineyard and the wines.


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