One of the leading retail chains selling appliances and electronics in Bulgaria, ZORA, needed a new e-commerce website with the latest online shopping features and a reliable management system. The company chose Whiz for the web development project, considering our diverse experience and innovative approach towards building sites for e-commerce. We had a serious challenge ahead of us - to create an online store which offers a wide range of products and has a fabulous interface and a variety of payment options. Integrating the site with third-party software and optimizing the work processes related to its management were other important tasks on our agenda.
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We made a modern online store with flexible CMS and diverse payment options for the Bulgarian retail chain Zora and now it generates millions in revenue.

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For realizing such a large and complex project, we needed an individual approach with attention to every detail. At the initial stage, we formed a work group of experts from Whiz and representatives of the ZORA retail chain’s departments. Thanks to the productive mutual work and the excellent communication, we formulated clear goals, made the right choice between alternative solutions and prepared a precise project plan and schedule.

Solid Preparation
Our team studied thoroughly the business processes and the product catalogue of the retail chain. We also analyzed the leading online stores for appliances and electronics in the world. Our preparation work included detailed target market research and competitor analysis. We had the foundation for generating innovative ideas on how to build a unique user experience. The next step was the development of the e-commerce website’s conceptual design.

For creating the content structure and organizing the online store’s features, we used mind maps. Our designers sketched every page to illustrate the layout and element specifics. Our interactive prototype showed how users would interact with the content. In the work group, we had detailed discussions on the conceptual design with the representatives of ZORA and they were impressed. The web design and development work could begin.

A Superbly Working Online Store with Sales Boosting Features
Our designers gave an elegant and clutter-free look to the online store and made the products and special offers stand out with attention-grabbing photos. For each button, we created a special symbol making online shopping even more intuitive. Our programmers wrote a code which corresponds entirely to the retail chain’s needs and gives excellent opportunities for upgrading and expansion. We built features for more convenient and more pleasant shopping. They help to increase the chance of a purchase too.

The e-commerce website’s homepage welcomes you with a huge slider displaying the hottest offers. We organized all products into categories and subcategories, which are accessible directly from the menu. The search engine, which we built, shows a list of potential results, while the user is entering the keywords. The “Promotions” section takes you directly to the promotional offers which are arranged based on type.

For each product category, there are special filters which enable shoppers to specify their requirements. We also included different options for sorting the viewed products, for the number of items per page and for the arrangement of the products (grid or list). The sliding price button enables shoppers to define their comfortable price range when searching for a product.

With one touch of the quick view button, the specs of the selected product are shown in a small pop-up screen. When visitors view the product page with all details, they can see up-to-date information about the model’s availability in the stores of the retail chain around the country. The “You may also like” section of the product page offers similar items to the viewed one. This is an effective marketing solution for keeping the attention of people which makes a sale more likely.

On every product page, there is a comparison button. When users click on it, the product is automatically sent to the comparison list. The list is accessible via a ribbon at the lower end of the page. It offers a comparison of all specs of the selected products. The video section has promotional video clips and video reviews showing how the appliances and electronics really work. With them, making a choice is easier.

Creating an account on the e-commerce website takes only a few seconds - there’s only a short form to be filled out. Both consumers and businesses can take advantage of this option. Users who have an account can create a wish list with their favorite products to view them more closely later on and make a choice. They can also create a list with shipping addresses and simply choose one when they make a purchase. Order tracking and detailed overview of all completed orders are other useful account features. Business users can enter invoice information which is automatically used when they buy products.

Everyone shopping on the e-commerce website can receive one-on-one help from a ZORA sales assistant via the online chat. Customers can ask questions and receive detailed answers and personalized advice. When there’s none online, you can still use the chat to leave a message, which the team will reply to via email in the shortest time. Perfect customer service is fundamental for success.

The fabulous shopping cart makes checkout exceptionally quick and easy. It involves just three steps. Customers can shop via their account or as guests, there is no need to sign up. To make online shopping even more convenient for the people of all target market segments of the retail chain, we integrated a wide variety of payment options. Customers can take advantage of:
  • Debit and credit card payment via a virtual POS terminal of United Bulgarian Bank - Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards are accepted
  • PayPal for online payments
  • for payments via a micro- account
  • B-Pay for ATM payments
  • EasyPay for cash payments
  • Bank transfer to the retailer’s account
  • Payment on delivery
As part of the retail chain’s sales strategy, we created an option for buying goods on credit directly online. With one click of the button right next to the product, a credit calculator pops up. This tool enables buyers to select a credit company and a repayment schedule by comparing the different options, which are arranged in a table.

The Help Center has FAQ and gives people the opportunity to send enquiries and feedback, to view ZORA’s network of service shops and to download user manuals. We put everything in one place to make things easy for the retailer’s customers who receive outstanding customer service online.

A Custom Management System for Higher Efficiency
While visitors enjoy the numerous useful shopping features, the custom online store’s management system works perfectly to guarantee efficiency in sales, customer service and deliveries. Adding products and content, from text to photos and videos, is exceptionally easy and quick. We automated order processing to a large extent and this saves a lot of time. Enquiry processing is now much better organized and faster too. Different access levels can be set for the management system. Functions such as viewing a specific part of the content and changing the rest can be assigned to each employee account individually.

Outstanding Performance and Constant Growth
The online store is just a click away for all customers of the retail chain. It works impeccably at all times. The Whiz team guarantees this by providing ongoing maintenance and constant support. The staff of ZORA can report a problem via phone, email or online chat and we will solve it immediately. Our team participates actively in the online store’s development with innovative ideas, optimization of the existing features and the addition of new ones.

We are proud to be the developers of one of the largest e-commerce websites in the Bulgaria. Visit it, enjoy the shopping features and the first-class service and choose a product for your home or office. You will be charmed.


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